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PRESALE Austin Fitness Passport (2nd round)

PRESALE Austin Fitness Passport (2nd round)

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We sold out of the first round so we are ordering more! Place a pre sale order and we will start shipping them out 2/10 and they will still be valid for 6+ months from ship date!*Due to weather, expect delays from USPS but we will be stamping for extra time because of this* EXPLORE THE AUSTIN WORKOUT SCENE VIA 13 FREE CLASSES WITH THIS AUSTIN FITNESS PASSPORT!

If you love working out and you live in Austin, you'll love this Austin Fitness passport, that gets you 13 classes, of all types and levels, each for free!

The passport itself is $20 - so that's over an $200 savings with this passport. And you'll get to experience, explore and break a sweat at studios you may have not yet discovered!


1. order your passport! 

2. flip through it and decide on which fitness studio you want to head to. Visit one at a time, or hit multiple in one day. 

3. make sure you read the asterisk to know how to schedule your class in advance as well as bring your passport in person when checking in

4. grab your gear and get ready to get sweaty 





- The passport expires 6 months after the purchase date. Please use the validity stamp as a guide!
- There is a limit of one passport per person
- If a studio were to close for any reason, we will not be able to offer any discounts or refunds.
- If your package takes longer than 2 weeks to arrive, or you have other questions or issues, please email us at Please allow an extra 2-3 days of shipment delays due to seasonal delays

*Some studios may issue a no-show fee

Shipping & Returns

Please allow 4-8 business days for order fulfillment and shipping.

No refunds, returns or exchanges.

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