Frequently Asked Questions

When will my passport be shipped?

We ship out within 1-3 days after receiving the order. Note, during the holidays you might experience shipping delays but we stamp for extra time regardless to cover this. 

What if a business closes?

Unfortunately, if a business closes during your passport duration, we cannot offer refunds. Our pricing is based on including a certain amount of businesses, but end up getting even more to provide the most offers to y’all (meaning if we get 13 or 20 businesses, that won’t change the price of the passport to y’all)! 

What are the offers?

Each passport has special curated offers for the category that aim to get you out of your comfort zone while still saving money! Most passports have free offers, $1.01 if alcohol related, or highly discounted activities. 

How long is the passport valid for?

Our passports come with a 6 month expiration stamp from the day your passport ships, with extra time to account for shipping & delays 

How do I know when my passport expires?

Check the back page of your passport for a time stamp with the expiration date

How do I redeem the offers? 

Take your passport to whichever business you’d like to try out first and make sure to order whatever they are offering in the passport. They will sign/stamp your page to show that that offer is no longer valid. If reservations are need in advance, the passport page will make you aware of this

I typed in the wrong address, what do I do?

Please email, if you do not end up receiving the passport, you will have to pay $10 for a new one to cover the extra printing + shipping costs

I lost my passport, what do I do?

Unfortunately we can not replace any lost or stolen passports

Can I have a refund, if I decide I no longer want my passport?

Unfortunately all passports are final sale so please make sure to read all details

Can I share a passport with a friend?

Our passports are one per person and can not be shared however you may purchase a passport for a friend or family member!

How do I find out when you launch a new passport?

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