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Brewery Passport

Brewery Passport

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Tap into new brews this spring with the launch of our 2024 Brewery Passport! Explore 21 craft beers at $1.01 per pour at microbreweries, brewpub’s + so much more around the metroplex for only $25. Whether you’re a lager lover or an ale addict, this passport has got something for everyone!🍻


  1. Order your passport! 
  2. Flip through it and decide which marg spot you want to head to. Visit one at a time, or make a tour out of it, hitting multiple in one day. 
  3. Show your passport at the register, and make sure to order the special advertised. It could be a classic lager or a cider!
  4. Tip the kind worker helping you out and they will then stamp your Brewery Passport! 


@celestialbeerworks: 8oz pour of any beer on tap

@communitybeerco: pint of choice

@deepellumbrewing: beer of choice

@falseidolbrewing: pint of Viva Los Vaqueros Mexican Lager or Fenris Park Hefeweizen

@fcbrewing: pint of choice

@happyhippiebrewing: 16 oz pour of choice

@hopandsting: 10, 13 or 16 oz pour

@jaquval: pint of Mainstay Beers

@lakewoodbrewing: pint of Lakewood IPA, Stubs Texas Pilsner or Temptress

@manhattanprojectbeer: beer of choice

@oddmusebrewing: 16 oz Lager of choice

@pegasuscitybrewery: pint of choice

@texasaleproject: 16 oz pour of what’s on tap seasonally

@turningpointbeer: pint of True American Premium Lager

@trinitycider: 3 5 oz ciders of your choice

@unionbearbrewing: Union Bear beer

@westlakebeer: pint of choice

@whiterockalehouse: half pour of Big Thicket Blonde Ale

@whiterockbrewingcompany: half pour of Big Thicket Blonde Ale

@windmillsbrewery: pint of choice

@wrigglytinbar: draft pint of choice

Terms & Conditions: You must be 21 or older to purchase. 

Limit one passport per person. No discounts or refunds for any condition. No price-matching if a passport goes on sale. No refunds if a restaurant were to close. The passport expires 6 months after the purchase date. Please use the validity stamp as a guide!

Shipping & Returns: If your package takes longer than 5 business days to arrive, or you have other questions or issues, please email us at

 *If you do not end up receiving the passport due to an address being entered in incorrectly, you will have to pay $10 for a new one to cover the extra printing + shipping costs*

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