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Coffee Passport

Coffee Passport

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Explore the DFW Metroplex's extensive coffee community via 24 FREE cafe beverages of your choice with the Dallasites 101 Coffee Passport. Get 24 beverages equal to $150 in savings with this passport. Experience, explore, and enjoy places you have not yet discovered!


  1. Order your passport! 
  2. Flip through it and decide on which cafe you want to head to.
  3. Show your passport at the register, and order whatever you're in the mood for! 
  4. Tip the kind worker helping you out 
  5. Get your Coffee Passport stamped!


  1. @arwayemenicoffee
  2. @ascensioncoffee
  3. @bloomcafe_dallas
  4. @bookclubtx
  5. @brewed_ltd *with purchase of equal or greater value
  6. @fountboardandtable
  7. @funnylibrarycoffeeshop
  8. @heirloomhaul
  9. @herbshousecoffee
  10. @islaandco
  11. @jujuscoffee
  12. @katycoffeelab
  13. @mokahcoffee
  14. @paxandbeneficia
  15. @rosalindcoffeetx
  17. @theaussiegrind *excluding juices, smoothies, milkshakes/ can be used at all locations
  18. @thelondonbaker
  19. @thenestcraft.dallas *near Addison
  20. @tribalalldaycafe *excludes Good Morning and juices
  21. @sanmartinusa
  22. @sugarandsagebakeydallas
  23. @summermooncoffee
  24. @thewilddetectives *excludes seasonal flavors and matcha

Terms & Conditions: Limit of one passport per person. No discounts or refunds for any condition. No price-matching if a passport goes on sale. The passport expires 6 months after the purchase date. Please use the validity stamp as a guide! 

Shipping & Returns: If your package takes longer than 1 week to arrive, or you have other questions or issues, please email us at 

 *If you do not end up receiving the passport due to an address being entered in incorrectly, you will have to pay $10 for a new one to cover the extra printing + shipping costs*

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