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Margarita Passport

Margarita Passport

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Launched last summer, and sold out in several months, our OG margarita passport was a fan favorite! This second edition includes all of your classic favorites from the previous + new fun additions to explore in Dallas. Our Margarita Passport for only $20 features 19 of the best margaritas in Dallas for $1.01 each!🍹


  1. Order your passport! 
  2. Flip through it and decide which marg spot you want to head to. Visit one at a time, or make a tour out of it, hitting multiple in one day. 
  3. Show your passport at the register, and make sure to order the special advertised. It could be a classic frozen marg or a spicy cucumber one!
  4. Tip the kind worker helping you out and they will then stamp your Marg Passport! 


  • @chimalma_tacobar: $1.01 8oz Frozen Margarita 
  • @desperadostacos: $1.01 "Little La"
  • @docklocal: $1.01 10oz Frozen Margarita 
  • @easyslidertx: $1.01 Classic Lime Margarita
  • @elrincontx: $1.01 8oz Frozen Margarita or Sangria Rita
  • @escondidodallas: $1.01  House Margarita
  • @federalesdallas: $1.01 7oz Classic Margarita on the rocks
  • @fernandostexmex: $1.01 10oz Frozen House Margarita
  • @lasalmasrotas: $1.01 4oz Frozen Margarita
  • @pizzana: $1.01 10oz Margarita
  • @rambleroomsniderplaza: $1.01 Frozen Blood Orange Margarita
  • @residenttaqueria: $1.01 4oz Frozen Margarita
  • @ruinsdeepellum: $1.01 Traditional Margarita on the rocks
  • @tacoyvino: $1.01 Prickly Pear Margarita on the rocks
  • @eattejas: $1.01 Spicy Cucumber Margarita on the rocks
  • @tjsseafood: $1.01 Red Pepper Margarita on the rocks
  • @tricky_fish_: $1.01  Filthy Cherry, House Frozen, or House Rocks Margarita
  • @wildsalsarestaurant: $1.01 Ritas De Casa
  • $1.01 Frozen Creamy Mango Margarita

Terms & Conditions: You must be 21 or older to purchase. Limit one passport per person. No discounts or refunds for any condition. No price-matching if a passport goes on sale. No refunds if a restaurant were to close. This passport expires on September 1st 2024. Please use the validity stamp as a guide! 

Shipping & Returns: If your package takes longer than 5 business days to arrive, or you have other questions or issues, please email us at

 *If you do not end up receiving the passport due to an address being entered in incorrectly, you will have to pay $10 for a new one to cover the extra printing + shipping costs*

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